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The Stone Series

This series started with the older long-bodied Onyx but was expanded to feature cartridge bodies crafted from other exotic materials like Jade, Tiger Eye, Bloodstone and Coral.   With the exception of the older long-bodied Onyx, all the cartridges in this series utilize the top end Platinum-alloy cores and silver-clad wires. 
A craftsman carefully selects a block of material for its natural grain.  The block is then machined into its final form and meticulously polished to a high gloss finish.  The process is painstakingly slow as care is required so as not to fracture the material.
The use of mineral (stone) bodies makes these the heaviest of all the Koetsu cartridges.
The benefits of using mineral (stone) bodies are evident.   Coupled with the Platinum-alloy cores, these cartridges are capable of producing an airy soundstage with extended high frequencies.  Micro detail retrieval is superlative.   
Even for a 'jaded' Koetsu user like myself, it still leaves me with goosebumps each time I listen to one.
First row:  Onyx Platinum/ Jade Platinum
Second row:  CoralStone Platinum / Azule Platinum
Third row:  Blue Lace Platinum / Bloodstone Platiunum
Bottom row:  Tiger Eye Platinum / Rhodonite Platinum