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The Wood Series
This series comprises the rosewood-bodied cartridges.  
The Rosewood Standard and Signature are very similar in construction.  Electrically, the Signature offers a more closely matched core and coil set.  Cosmetically, the Standard is distinguished by a sloped base when viewed from below while the Rosewood Signature is rectangular-shaped.  
The Rosewood Standard/Signature is also referred to as the Red/Red Signature.

        Rosewood Standard (notice the sloping front end)            Rosewood Signature / Signature Platinum

The Rosewood Signature Platinum looks very much like the Rosewood Signature.  The similarities however, end there.  The body of the Platinum model is made from aged Rosewood which gives it a darker color.  The greatest difference though, is inside. 
The coils of the Rosewood Signature Platinum are made of 6N copper wire, painstakingly clad with a silver jacket.  The magnets are made of the proprietary (and very expensive) Platinum alloy which accounts for the higher price.   These powerful rare-earth magnets allow the cartridge to respond aptly to even the most subtle movements in the cantilever/stylus assembly resulting in the reproduction of delicate nuances in the music.  However, output for the Platinum models is lower than the others (0.25mV vs 0.6mV) and a good MC phono-stage is recommended to demonstrate the cartridge’s true capabilities. 
The Urushi and Urushi Platinum cartridges also feature rosewood bodies but are painstakingly coated with multiple layers of an Urushi lacquer.  The Urushi cartridges are probably the most striking in the whole Koetsu lineup because they encompass the traditional art of Japanese lacquerware in the production of the cartridge body.  Even without reproducing music, the Urushi is itself, a work of art.  

First row:  Urushi Gold / Urushi Vermillion.
Second row:  Urushi Wajima / Urushi Black
Last row:  Urushi Tsugaru / Urushi Sky Blue